Trump Wants To Deport Iraqi Christians—Even If It’s A Death Sentence

And in the oddest of ironies, it may be President Donald Trump, feared as a war monger, the fifth president to make war in Iraq, who has more or less accidentally ended up presiding over the end. Bush exploited the new status in by launching Iraq War 1. The American goal was more to bleed the Iranians, then at war with Iraq, than anything else, but the upshot was helping Saddam stay in power. The more significant change in policy Iraq War 1. Bill Clinton took office and kept the fires burning, literally, inside Iraq, in what might be called Iraq War 1. In , the U.

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Most of the Iraqis believe that the deal effectively amounts to a death sentence. Jarjiss says that his fears of persecution in Iraq are ubiquitous amongst the hundreds of other Iraqi Christians facing deportation. Some, like Jarjiss, have no criminal record whatsoever.

ERBIL — A number of Iraqi Jews are organizing to officially demand the restoration of their Iraqi citizenship and the annulment of Article 17/II of Iraqi Nationality Law no. 26 (), which expressly excludes Jews from pursuing the option.

Make sure you research the current safety situation thoroughly. You travel to Iraqi Kurdistan at your own risk. So instead of monetary gains, i hope for experiential enrichment. With my latest job in Iraq, that’s exactly how things are. The best part about working on a cultural conservation project in the cradle of civilization, is i get to work with many experts of their field. Most recently this paid off as i was given an exclusive look into the Citadel of Erbil by one of the restoration projects archeologists.

Iraqi Kurdistan isn’t exactly over-flowing with what one might call “tourist attractions”.

Visit Iraq – 25 Amazing places possible to Travel in 2017-2018

This place was once a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors. Inside the walls, this shrine has a dome with Hebrew inscriptions mixed with floral Islamic designs. Before the war, Iraq had the second largest Jewish community in the Middle East the first being Israel and the third being Iran. Yearly, thousands of Jews used to visit this place during Easter.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email More than people have died in a huge 7. More than people have been killed in Iran’s Kermanshah province on the Iraqi border, the provincial deputy governor told state television. And more than 5, have been injured in the massive tremor, which has been described as the “deadliest ever”. We hope the number of dead and injured won’t rise too much, but it will rise,” Mojtaba Nikkerdar said more than 60 of the victims were in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab, about 15 km 10 miles from the border.

Anadolu A building in Iran reduced to rubble from the earthquake tonight Image: The earthquake struck along the border with Iran.

“If they mutilate my granddaughter? I’ll kill them’. Meet the Iraqi village ending FGM

Several major mountain ranges surround the area, including the mountains of Hendrin, Zozik, Hassen Bak, Bradust and Korek. The area has two main rivers, one that flows to Haji Umran on the Iranian borer, and another that follows the path to the Mergasor region. Gullan Park Gulan Park is 3 km from the center of Soran and contains fun rides for children and families to enjoy. Its beautiful views also attract tourists year round. Bradost Mountain This site is located 66 km north-northeast of Erbil and km southeast of Dohuk.

The site can be reached by taking the main road north from Erbil and following the road towards Barzan.

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Visit March 2. By this it rivals better known places such as Byblos, Damascus and Jericho. I visited the Citadel on a Sunday morning in March I was part of a small Dutch tour group on a 10 day-tour of Iraqi Kurdistan. We entered the Citadel from the back the North Gate and had to pass a guard there. Our Dutch tour leader had arranged for a visit with one of the local guides, but upon entering he was nowhere to be found.

That did not prove to be a big problem, as you can walk around freely in the main area. And with the help of a caretaker we were able to open some doors and duck beneath various stretches of red tape. We also met an Iranian backpacker who was sightseeing on his own. So Erbil Citadel is now definitely open for visitors, there were also many locals around for a Sunday stroll. The characteristic tree-like pattern of streets spreading out from the main gate unfortunately is not noticeable anymore.

In the town center lie the old hammam and the main mosque.

Sir Michael Fallon in Iraq to persuade Kurdistan president to call off independence vote

Prehistory[ edit ] The site of the citadel may have been occupied as early as the Neolithic period, as pottery fragments possibly dating to that period have been found on the slopes of the mound. Clear evidence for occupation comes from the Chalcolithic period, with sherds resembling pottery of the Ubaid and Uruk periods in the Jazira and southeastern Turkey , respectively. According to Giovanni Pettinato , it is mentioned in two tablets as Irbilum. In the 18th century BC, Erbil appears in a list of cities that were conquered by Shamshi-Adad of Upper Mesopotamia and Dadusha of Eshnunna during their campaign against the land of Qabra.

Erbil, Iraq – Ryan Koopmans/Rex Shutterstock ‘There are a few options here in Erbil for nights out,’ says Angelina Miran, 36, from Windsor – who’s been living in Iraq for five years now.

Since then, it has grown to become a global economic force. But this rapid expansion has put space at a premium. It is typical of this energetic city that the project was completed in the space of just six years. Old Hong Kong can still be found in amongst the skyscrapers, with many thriving markets to explore. Don’t miss the one in Temple Street, which takes place at night. Quaint trams dating from the time of British rule are also still part of the Hong Kong scene.

Thanks to high-speed bullet trains, in a single day one could feel the bustling energy of neon-laden Tokyo, with its shops, skyscrapers and rule-shattering trends galore, followed by the natural splendour of snow-capped Mount Fuji, and end the day in the more European atmosphere of Kyoto, with its hundreds of beautiful temples, shrines, and gorgeous Zen gardens. Although it is a lively town with a market and plenty of eating places, the majority of tourists transfer by boat to a resort on one of the thousand or so tiny islands.

Some are as small as metres in diameter.

Things to see and do in Iraq

We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. You can buy it here: Or see a preview here. This was a scary-ish thing to do. So, the cab driver, myself, and our two constricted assholes headed west towards Khazir.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — One of the busiest operation centers of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition is located in the Kurdistan Region’s capital of Erbil where a seasoned US commander is.

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Charles Costanza told Rudaw English. Costanza also decides in a matter of seconds based on multiple factors whether or not to strike ISIS targets in northern Iraq after receiving a strike request from local partnered forces, who are being advised by the coalition. The strikes are just a small part of what we do. The other piece we have is the engagement, really with the Kurds and the Pesh in particular to make sure we are supporting them the right way.

The Kurds stood up to the ISIS militants at Khazir bridge just 25 kilometers from Erbil in late , as they fought for days against a better-equipped enemy prior to receiving US air support.

The Road to Kirkuk, Iraq. Next stop in the Iraq detour was Erbil. The transport situation in Iraq is a little confusing. The guide books will direct you to the Erbil Garage, which is a smallish compound filled with taxi’s waiting passengers heading to Erbil.

The game is a race between two players who roll tetrahedral dice and move their seven pieces through the various squares. The objective is to move each piece to the endpoint. The video below visually captures the gameplay: After millennia of widespread use, the Game of Ur mysteriously disappeared. In the following years, other boards were unearthed across the Middle East and Northern Africa, and in the s, Dr. During my time in the Kurdistan Region, I visited bazaars, antique shops, and malls in search of a board.

More surprisingly, few of the people I met had even heard of the game. The Game of Ur is a curious piece of ancient history. Exploring its history allows us to trace the lives of our ancestors, as well as acounts of leisure and gameplay. One university is working to bring back this mysterious ancient game. The university also offers one of the most renowned English programs in Iraq. Students will gain hands-on experience in design, marketing, and business, all while learning about their cultural heritage.

Citadel of Erbil

The Ministry of Defence said the young father-of-one was not killed by enemy activity and his death was now under investigation. MoD The year-old was a vehicle commander in a platoon providing security for other troops. Taji is one of several camps around the country where British troops have been teaching courses in basic soldiering, first aid and how to deal with homemade bombs, to local forces trying to liberate Mosul from Islamic State in Iraq and Levant Isil.

OUR KURDISTAN TOUR ITINERARY Day 1 — 6 May: Arrival in Erbil. Erbil is the capital city of the Kurdistan region and the main gateway. The airport is fantastic and modern; flying into Erbil .

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Marble courtyards, lush palm trees and exclusive gated communities a drive away from ISIS aggression. Malibu has come to Iraq. A robust real estate market has made Erbil, the Kurdish capital in northern Iraq , home to the country’s wealthy elite and the site of their palatial mansions.

A statue of the Virgin Mary, which has been damaged by Islamic State fighters, is seen in a church in Qaraqosh, east of Mosul, Iraq November 25,

Arrival in Erbil Erbil is the capital city of the Kurdistan region and the main gateway. The airport is fantastic and modern; flying into Erbil is usually easy and fast. Read the FAQ section to find out how to get there. After arrival, feel free to head out and explore the beautiful capital city. Stay overnight in Erbil. Explore North of Erbil The trip will start proper today.

This includes the Khanzad Castle , a stunning archaeological site constructed during the Soran Emirate in the 16th century; Rawanduz Canyon also known as the Grand Canyon of Kurdistan; the spectacular Bekhal Falls; Korek Mountains and Shanider Caves where the remains of 10 neanderthals dating 35, to 65, years old were found. This is a sacred place for the Yezidi people, an ethnically Kurdish religious community that has been targeted by ISIS. Stay overnight in Dohuk.

Life on the plateau of Amadiya dates back, at least, BC, and the ancient Assyrians. Day 5 — 10 May: The city is located 8 km west of Ibrahim Khalil border crossing with Turkey.

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