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Artist: R. HUNDRO Title: Town Format: CD Label: OSR Country: USA Price: $ ” Town = Colin Whites second album as R. Hundro [check out the last one, Invisible On Report, here & here]. elec. guitar & bass, Yamaha drum machine, tiny Cube amp, & throat are his alchemical materials since the demise of the Blanche Blanche Blanche & Big French groups where he was ponying .

Since , she had been using the feedback as a material; feedback from two tape recorders reworked through intensive studio techniques: In , the last year she dedicated to feedback, several milestone pieces saw the light of day: Omnht, a wonderful sound installation for three out-of-phase tape loops and wall-mounted loudspeakers; the theoretical setting ofLabyrinthe Sonore eventually premiered at Mills College in in collaboration with Pauline Oliveros, Maggie Payne and William Winant, amongst others ;Opus 17, one of her first compositions in fixed duration according to Rhys Chatham, a decisive piece that would change his own compositional career ; andVice-Versa, etc A single magnetic tape can be played at any speed, a stereo tape of which allows three playings: Thus the piece reveals itself in its whole dimension, its infinite grace.

In its content, the piece is the most minimal that Eliane Radigue has ever composed. Feedback is horizontally sustained, time is suspended, vibrating with organic and subtle pulsations. The fastest playthrough, in just “, weaves a graceful continuum of uncanny depth, somewhere between the sonority of feedback and a glass harmonica. Played slowly, at “, it takes us into an universe of low frequency vibrations felt as much by the guts, the ribcage and the whole body as by the eardrum: What is striking about this work, which may arguably be one of Radigues most important compositions, is the extraordinary quality of the tones obtained from such a rudimentary material.

It is hard to believe that the composer was yet to begin working on her ARP, since the sonorities heard on Vice-Versa, etc

The Reatards – “You Ain’t No Fun No Mo” (Get Real Stupid – 7″)

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This individual has been batting well above the Mendoza line with a flow of independent releases from tiny labels down under. Here, their lo-fi approach and canned-sounding vocals register as dreamlike, as does their refusal to rush tempos and grind us all into the dirt. For fans of believable, tasteful fun, melody, and of drawings of mushrooms. Three important songs, rescued from a Fuck It Tape, pressed to clear silkscreened vinyl.

Likelihood of me blasting the Milk Music 12″ at three of these events: That shit would be crazy at this point. I was stuck in Chicago for the better part of the past two weeks, as Christmas with some real good people turned into a snow-covered delay. Had that not happened, I probably would have blown through the entire review box by now.

And today, I went to my PO box for the first time in two weeks, and was greeted with five slips, which translated into a veritable mountain of vinyl, CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, even a cassette. My real hope is that a young kid in some backwater listens to this record, then is inspired to burn some symbolic shit down, steal a car, split town, and live off the land for the rest of his or her days, free to do whatever the fuck they feel like.

This would be his soundtrack. They have the woods sound, the flannel feel, and the singer hollers over top, barely in control, kinda like Lou Barlow on the first Dinosaur record, or Greg Sage on Over the Edge. Big as gods, every song on here is a legit anthem, and a rager. Trips Ballsington recording perfectly nails the vibe of the proceedings.


Contiene il mini dei Baciamibartali e lo split LP delle due bands Il mini LP di debutto della nuova band di due eroi del primo punk: Nello stile tipico ed unico della band

Chords for The Reatards – “You Ain’t No Fun No Mo” (Get Real Stupid – 7″). Play along with guitar, ukulele or piano using our intuitive playback interface.

Both tracks are stunning and could have been considered highlights on a full length release. The single is pressed on clear vinyl and includes a digital download of the tracks. It was guaranteed when you purchased the album from Sub Pop and also included with purchase from select local record stores. The packaging of this single embossed white card stock with no ink is just beautiful. It was limited to copies and is long sold out.

Both of these tracks are phenomenal, and this single highlights Purity Ring as one of the hottest bands to watch out for in Another hot band to watch for in It was limited to copies on white vinyl, and promises lots of awesome new music by Joywave, as well as, a bright future full of smoking hot records from Tympanogram.

This limited edition single is available through the great folks at Yours Truly , features a pair of slick tracks, and includes a hand-written letter from Nite Jewel herself. You can get this one from Crash Symbols. After all, these are all artists I reached out to and asked to work with us not the other way around. They are strictly limited edition one-pressings.

They are on sexy, colored vinyl.

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Why So Raw Festival? Because raw means being totally awesome, and this festival is going to be totally awesome. For those of you that have been sleeping under a rock, for the past two years Miami has been pumping out some choice nugz. This Heart Electric , a one man weirdo project, which consists of Miami’s own Ricardo Guerrero, and kicks off the night on Friday at the ‘ISM Gallery with his post- insert here bumping grooves, that will surely get the party started, and all the ladies’ asses bouncing.


The first side sucks more than you can possibly imagine – even one hair on the ponytail of the sax player in the SNL band has more dignity. The cover has each of the members of the band holding cutesy kid-scribble drawings covering what I can only imagine to be smug, smirking faces. The vocals have a sarcastic and snotty delivery to them, similar to Beehive and the Barracudas, but not in the same league.

They kind of remind me of Lifter Puller in their earnestness, vivid stories, and laidback Friday night appeal, even with all the cutesy affectations such a casual and important vibe has to go up against. Start with side B, trust me. This came from Tanaka Heavy Industries, the same place that supplied us with the Clive Tanaka y su Orquestra cassette, and subsequent vinyl reissue, from last year.

Maybe here at some point in the future: Some art-college co-ed and whatever neo-hippie is in her drawers trying to glue My Bloody Valentine to Pablo Cruise or any of the other pathetically unoriginal peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter car wrecks that Generation Photo-Collage has praised for 13 minutes before moving on to the next filler of future cutout bins. Are you buying this yet? The correct answers are: Tough-sounding, not afraid of loud bluesy riffs or heavy equipment.

This is a man-lady duo, by the way, and it sounds like a duo like Band of Susans sounded like a duo, which is to say for the historically illiterate , not at all. If you seek out one noise release from , yadda yadda yah.

One more step

We are covering alternative, underground, non-commercial and non-mainstream artists in variety of shapes and genres. Exclusive interviews, reviews and articles. A place where musicians can express themselves. We serve an international readership. Tucked deep in the fold of the South African scene The Make-Overs managed to escape their home stomping grounds and invade Chicago for a short period last year, and thanks again to the keen ears at Permanent Records Chicago, I was clued into this delightful madness!

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N for the night You did see it up in the sky tonight, right? This week in AFS SS, Duchess of Saigon Download this program within two months at this link Email me with any downloading problem questions I’m still much too busy The 2xLP of The Courtald Talks is filed and labeled as a Killing Joke album, which is certainly fitting enough since the theme of Coleman’s minute lecture to the Courtald Institute was to explain the inspiration for Killing Joke’s most painful if not to listen to, at least it was the most painfully-birthed album Outside the Gate, the least band-oriented effort among their studio releases.

Thanks to Acapulco Rodriguez for daring me to play this. It’s been a long time since I last time I took advantage of this time-honored method of stretching a freeform or college-radio playlist with the layering of voice and experimental background musics If this kinda half-assery appalls you, I’m sorry. But I’ve been much too busy at work and with my own C. Tune in next week for as much of my best-of lists that I can pack into two weeks.

I do suppose I’ve been indulging in more goth-tangential and industrial-ish areas of music the last couple weeks.

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Primo mini in sole copie e vinile blue! Ancora un gran disco…! Killer KBD-style punk band finlandese! Ci pensa la label americana guidata dagli stessi ex Boyracer! Estemporanea release quale sorta di tributo ai Kids!! Il ritorno degli A.

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Now, we’ve compiled the lists, have done the maths, and put together the definitive CHIRP best of list. I think a true testament to what makes an album great is an ability to still move you months after it has been released. Teen Dream came out in January and it’s been nearly a full year and I still absolutely adore it just as much, if not more, then when I first heard it. Just a beautiful record from start to finish and also one of the most romantic albums to come out in quite some time.

Their Coachella performance closing out Friday night was a weekend highlight, ft disco ball and all, and similarly the Metro performance threatened to tear the roof off the sucker. And yes, Nancy rocks! But they found a way to make their subtly anthemic rock sound even fuller without overwhelming their center, singer Matt Berninger.

Mother Of Tears “In The Morning”