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And this eyebrow-raiser, too: They would be staying at a trailer park. Keith and Nancy are your average suburbanites in their mid s, working in the high-tech sector, with two middle-school-age kids, Amanda and Charlie. Send us a picture. As soon as you invoke the word Airstream, people get the attraction. Those are your hard-core, long-haul motor-home folks, where size and bulk matter more than aesthetics and years of practice go in to pulling their rig neatly into a tricky trailer-park hookup site. But being an Airstream aficionado can be quite another thing. This is a distinct subset of the camper crowd. They also tend to be romantics when it comes to travel, seeking the adventure of Airstream living without the muss and fuss of dealing with fresh-water tank pumps and dumping of the, uh, not-so-fresh-water tanks. More recently, too, the hipsters have discovered the retro allure of these silver bullets, these toasters on wheels, these airplane fuselages sans wings.

Trailer Versus Motorhome: The Driving Experience

By Nick Czap 15 January Given the area’s natural beauty, and a market fuelled by nearby San Francisco’s protracted economic boom, one would be lucky to find a decommissioned cow shed in these parts for much less than half a million. Yet on a recent morning, my wife and I found ourselves waking up on a promontory overlooking Tomales Bay, in a striking home whose aesthetic might best be described as Space Age-meets-mid-century-modern.

Equally striking was its price tag: AC via campsite hookup ; DC from on-board deep cycle lead-acid battery ; two 20lb propane tanks Standard features: A mist swirled above Tomales Bay and deep in the pines across the water. I noticed, at this point, that the floor was more than slightly askew, a result of a hasty parking job the previous evening.

Airstream Parts Parts Reproduction Airstream Motorhome Parts Airstream accessories and gifts Used Parts. Thetford valves. Beginning in the mids Airstream trailers used Thetford waste valves. Thetford valves aren’t as common as they once were but we have a supply on hand. Thetford valves have four bolt holes at /4″ on center.

There are five models you can choose from, and all have their perks: For the sake of this article, I picked just one, the Dodge ProMaster. It includes the following features: Oh yeah, these are all available for free. If you want bathroom windows or furnishings, though, you will have to pay for these. For the ProMaster, you can select your own captain seats, couches and sofas, gauchos, platform or bunk beds, and dinettes.

You can even fit an ottoman in there! I find that seriously cool. The bathroom setup can also be adjusted to your liking. You have your pick of a combo bathroom with a sink cabinet and marine toilet , shower, permanently-mounted toilet, or a cassette toilet. If you want solar panels, those are available, too. Oh, and the colors: You have tons of choices for your countertops and cabinets like maple or cherry wood , trim and upholstery in almost any color and texture imaginable, floor coverings in marine deck, loop carpeting, or rubberized flooring , and even mix and match exterior and interior hues!

Pricing varies depending on the packages you choose and how much you opt to customize your vehicle.

Airstream Base Camp trailer review: an all-aluminum style statement for two

Jan 15 Solar, generator, or hookup? The problem is a double-whammy: For example, we wanted to spend four nights in Death Valley, and three nights at Point Mugu State Park Thornhill Broome beach , and neither of our chosen locations offers electricity. The answer boils down to personal style. We had a nice quiet Honda eu i generator many years ago and it was a nice safety net when we really needed some power.

Custom made Airstream based of a 30 Foot Airstream for static use Recreation room with domestic equipment and full hookup • Professional interior design for commercial use as a recreation room • 2 x WC, wash room, completely in stainless steel with floor drain.

We do occasionally drop down to below freezing and we do experience snow every now and then. If temps drop down below freezing we head into the Airstream and turn on the furnace which in turn, keeps the Airstream and her pipes warm and from freezing. It is here where we love to spend our weekends and holidays with our Airstream. We can take our Airstream with us up to the mountain pass and literally have a ski-in and ski-out situation.

But from inside the trailer we had no idea — that is until we got into the truck and saw the outdoor temperature reading. We do travel with a full tank of water. While under tow, we keep the furnace set to 50 degrees — which means keeping the propane on because when you tow through cold weather — things get colder. This will keep the tanks warm. The furnace blows warm air onto the pipes keeping them warm and from freezing.

Then when we arrive back at the Airstream, we turn the furnace up higher to around 65 degrees. Now, with that said — there is an occasion where I will use an electric fan and that is when the temperatures outside are above freezing level — around 40 degrees or so. Never turn that off. When we take weekend trips to the local mountain pass to go skiing there are no hookups so we run the generator when the battery gets low.

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Paved, level sites and roads. Being just a mile and a half from Highway , the property was private and quiet – right on the river surrounded by forested hills. You go down a narrow, fairly steep driveway to get to the place, which gives it a nice sense of privacy from the rest of the world. The Chetco River is right at your doorstep and there is a nice area on the edge of the campground where Riley could swim in the clear river and be off leash.

Mar 02,  · Title: Airstream Safari 22 – Wisconsin I just posted a new ad on Airstream Classifieds. Must sell our foot Safari Airstream. We purchased it in from the original owner. Since it has been unused and stored outside.

Traffic is lighter, campgrounds are uncrowded and the weather is stimulating. Keep in mind that engines demand more electrical starting power during cold weather. Check the chassis battery’s electrolyte level, clean the terminals and coat them with petroleum jelly. Practice putting them on while it’s warm and dry. Motor home owners might want to consider the damage a broken tire chain could inflict upon the fiberglass body of their rig.

It might be better to avoid roads where chains may be required. Fill your propane tank. It will minimize condensation inside the tank and help prevent vaporization problems in cold temperatures. Your RV’s built-in space heating system should be adequate for keeping the interior warm. Remember, though, that a forced air furnace, in addition to consuming propane, will draw up to seven amps of electricity while operating.

This could represent a considerable drain on the coach battery if electric hookups are not available. Look for ways to improve your RV’s ability to retain heat. Insulate the coach windows against the cold with heavy drapes or curtains.

Airstream Converters and More

The new Sprinter hasn’t landed in the US just yet, but that doesn’t mean that the gen-2 Sprinter isn’t finding itself at the center of attractive, new camper conversions, as the all-new Airstream Interstate Nineteen proves. A nimbler, more compact Airstream touring coach, the Interstate Nineteen brings much of the comfort of home wherever you travel.

With the new Interstate Nineteen, Airstream looks to blend city-friendly style and handling with long-haul touring comfort. There’s a reason that Airstream calls its Class B motorhomes “touring coaches” instead of camper vans — marketing, sure, but it’s a more upscale name for what is clearly a more fully loaded, upscale and pricey breed of live-in van, well upmarket from the base-level pop-tops popular with climbers, surfers and mountain bikers.

Apr 30,  · There are multiple options for plumbing your Airstream as far as layouts and materials used, therefore each setup will probably be a little different. Once the tanks, water heater and pumps are connected, adding new faucets and appliances is very easy. Below is the diagram that I based my plumbing arrangement on.

You may be wondering which accessories and tools are essential to have on-board as you start your Airstream adventures. For that reason, Major Airhead and I decided to create what we consider to be the ultimate list of Airstream accessories to help newbies outfit their rigs. First and foremost, our advice is to be selective. Bookmark this blog post right now so you can refer back to it often. When available, affiliate links are provided to products on Amazon so that you can review them in greater detail and purchase, if desired.

When you buy your new Airstream, you may be able to negotiate with the dealership and get them to throw some accessories into the sale. When we bought our Shining Hope, we were successful in doing that. You want a surge-protector that protects against both. We encourage you to read our full blog post on selecting a surge protector. Anderson Levelers Anytime you camp, you want to make sure your Airstream is as level as possible. A good leveling system is worth its weight in gold!

2017 Airstream Basecamp: Review

A house of thought and execution. Our building, which was one of the last record stores in America, serves as the playground for our creative minds to frolic and thrive. This is not a design firm. No, this is much more. PLUS, he was in a band! She also buys the sodas!

Airstream is the most thoroughly tested brand in trailer history. Its engineering is the culmination of over 80 years of experience plus millions of miles on roads throughout the world. With Airstream, there is no planned obsolescence.

It means I don’t have to worry about things like taking a shower and washing the dinner dishes in the same evening because of the grey tank capacity. That means I can purchase local specialty foods and have a grand time cooking in the kitchen. With full hookup the Airstream truly is a house. It’s always a home. There isn’t a tree or shrub to be found and the closest thing to wildlife is the dog in the Class A 10 feet to the right.

The goal of these “parks” is to cram as many RV’s as possible onto an expanse of asphalt next to a major highway near a major city and then throw in a laundry and club house so it can be called a resort.

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